Stair Graphics


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Stair graphics can consist of simple repeated messages, logos or patterns. Or they can be one large graphic cut into slices and applied to the stair risers; creating the effect of looking at a giant picture when walking towards the stairs. The higher the stairs, the larger the 'billboard' you can create.

To produce such a graphic, the dimensionas of the stair risers are measured, then the advertisement or image is produced on a durable, self-adhesive material.

Once the advertisement is produced, it is cut to size with each piece trimmed to fit the stair risers. Sign Professionals ensures that each strip is perfectly sized and precisely cut. Each strip is then labeled and packaged so the onsite installers can easily assemble the giant 'puzzle' as it is installed on the stairs. These can be applied by our staff or one you have on site anywhere in the world.

Locations in which this type of advertising might be effective include:

  • Sports stadiums and arenas
  • Shopping malls
  • Public spaces
  • Hotels
  • Museums
  • Retailers and more!

Using a 3M product, you can expect your graphics to stay in place as a semi-permanent application. There are lower-tac adhesive products that would allow you to use a stair graphic for a short-term event at a rented venue. these options offer lower cost and easier removal.

While this effect is dramatic, the product itself is economical and fits many budgets; and installation is simpler than you may think. Use your imagination and surprise your audience sometime soon with some alluring and effective stair graphics!

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